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X-team Dishwasher

We don't use such type of ingredients that damages your skin!

Glass Cleaner

Easy Glass Cleaning, In an affordable price. Although, It saves time!

X-team Glass Cleaner

According to research, the chore homeowners most detest is cleaning windows.

X-Team Dishwash

Save time during washing dishes, X-team is an easy solution to save time & money!


X-team is a product of Royal Herbal Enterprises. X-team was launched more than a decade ago & now lots of people’s are using X-team’s products. As the Pakistan’s leading Manufacturers of Health/Beauty Products, Royal Herbal was launched a product named X-team. Everywhere womens needs to save time, an X-team’s product is ready for them.

We’re offering two products; Dishwashing Gel, X-team Dishwasher is a product of X-team was launched since many years ago, There is no particular concept for washing dishes with X-team. X-team dishwashing gel is created with the range of lemons, but as other dishwashers, X-team doesn’t damages your skin because we don’t add the formula high pH, although, We add Surfactant to clean your dishes completely. X-team is what you need! In addition, we also offers; X-team’s Glass Cleaner, Xteam knows cleaning should be as easy as possible. A pure aqua transparent liquid which gives your glass panels and walls a remarkable crystal clear shine. A fresh feeling with anti-dust and spotless cleaning. Xteam 5in1 technology giving you the power to defeat tough messes on windows and glass ware: Glass tiles TV. LCD. MONITOR SCREENS. MIRRORS. WINDOWS. PANES, ETC

X-team is what you need.

Benefits of X-team



Wash your dishes with X-team!

Window cleaning

Windows matters, Clean your windows with X-team!

Extra shiny

No matter how much dirt is on windows, X-team's glass cleaner is here!

Clean Dishes

Make your dishes clean, with X-Team's Dishwasher

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